Lessons learned

This week has been amazing, stressful, painful, filled with happiness and wistfulness…

And I learned:

  • It is urgently needed to meet colleagues more often face to face as the little chats during coffee breaks or dinner can tell you more than 8 hour meetings
  • Take care you have the best colleagues/friends around when your car decided to go on strike as this will turn a horrible situation into a life long lasting memory
  • Before you decide to damn a species because of the behavior of some you know give it enough chances to proof you might be wrong
  • If you fall over a scratch on your chin hurts less than a broken nose even if you think it looks a bit stupid, so learn to protect the important areas
  • Even if you think you have to hurry take the time to check your belongings before you move on
  • Before you murmur about something that’s gone, imagine what could have gone instead and be happy as it could have been worse (and again take care you have good colleagues/friends around)
  • It’s always worth to take second looks or give new chances as even in our age people can develop
  • Be grateful everyday about what you achieved. You might think you’re nothing but people from outside can see things you never thought of.

Thanks to everybody who joined, supported, entertained and hugged me during the last week. You have no idea what that means to me 😘

Thanks to my Colleagues

Monday morning is my „Smarties“ time.
I prepare my medication for the week.  Not as sweet but due to my boxes at least colorful 😉
And while I did it this morning I have had one of those Christmas moments.
A time to reflect and be grateful.
Sure my life would be easier and better if I wouldn’t need this medication but as it appears I wouldn’t have a life without! So I’m happy to have them.

I know that there are a lot of people who demonize pharma and medication – I get that reaction very often since I work for a pharma company and belong to several Health Communities. Unfortunately they concentrate on side effects or the rotten apples that appear in every business.
But I also know that there are millions of people depending on our developments that share my opinion.

Finally I’m proud to be part of a group that spends their time on helping others. To make a life of pain, shame or harm better. To protect people against worse times.
Sure there will be some that take it as every job they have to do to feed the family but most of us think about „how to make a life better“.

Usually I write my posts in German but as this should go out to all my colleagues and any person working in the pharma industry all over the world I decided to try an English one.
Thanks to everybody making my life and the life of our patients better. Have a Merry Christmas, a good time with family and friends and a very successful New Year