About Friendship

Friendship is not about living close and seeing us each day. It’s about being there when it’s needed the most. Not physically maybe but in mind or by sending messages that make your day.

I’m a lucky person as I have such a friend – a best friend! I don’t want to say my life is dark at this time (to many good people around me that make it grey at least!). But in that grey times she did send me a bright light, something I can look out to. Something that gives me the feeling of 2018 will have a special touch that’s not combined with „first time without Mum“ (not that Mum always have been involved but at least I always shared it with her – this is so new in my life that I never shared it)

You will read about it, when it’s time for her special light in my tunnel. For today I just want to say thank you for such a friend and: to each of us – look out that you never forget about looking into the real signs of friendship instead of being blinded by people that easily say „yes“ to make you believe they are friends. Look into the truth that might be uncomfortable but helpful! Be kind to everybody but warm-hearted to the people that make you go a step forward in the best direction. That sometimes do not agree to what you did but gave you hints how to make it better. This is what friendship is about- help the person you love to develop!

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